Development Services

Cloud Builders offers development services for building new applications, fixing old ones, and upgrading to Lightning 

We work with all Salesforce products

Development Services

Configure, Develop, Integrate, Upgrade, Publish, Train

Cloud Builders helped over a hundred businesses configure and implement and Salesforce to support their unique business processes. We bring years of experience and lessons learned from clients ranging from the Fortune 200 down to small/medium sized businesses. We can help your organization with development, configuration, optimization and training so that you best leverage Salesforce for your own success.

We Work With All Salesforce Products

We work with all Salesforce products. We can help you with: Custom Development, Lightning Application Development, Visual Force Pages (internal and external), Apex Programming, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud & Pardot Configuration, Salesforce Communities, Salesforce for Nonprofits, Salesforce Communities and Salesforce 1 - Salesforce Mobile development.

New Account Configuration and Development

We offer a range of services, but we specialize in account configuration and advanced custom project development thanks to our highly skilled technical consultants and developers.  If you're new to Salesforce, Cloud Builders will make sure you get the most out of it and position your business for success. If you're an existing Salesforce customer, Cloud Builders can build anything you need to support your unique business processes and integrate Salesforce into any external application.

Visual Force Development and Apex Programming

Does your business use Visual Force pages or custom triggers? We've built thousands of Visual Force pages and twice as many triggers. Whether you have a basic internal Visual Force page, or whether you need a public facing page that

Platform Configuration, Customization and Optimization

Is your business getting the most out of the Salesforce Sales Cloud? Whether you are a new account or

Service Cloud Configuration, Customization and Optimization

Does your business use Visual Force pages or custom triggers? We've built thousands of Visual Force pages and twice as many triggers. Whether you have a

Lightning Application Development

Lightning Components & Platform Upgrades

We are experts in the new Salesforce Lightning User Interface and Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS). Whether you want to convert your company from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning, or  Lightning desktop or mobile components, we have the experienced team to meet your development needs.

Lightning Application Development

One of the biggest advantages of the Salesforce Lightning User Interface is the ability to design Lightning Components and then easily implement them for both desktop and mobile browsers. Instead of full Visual Force pages or inline Visual Force Related Lists, you can now create a custom Lightning Component and put it on a side bar, inline or just about anywhere on the canvas. Moreover, where you used to have to generate html and CSS, with the Salesforce Lightning Design System, you can now rapidly develop Lightning Components that blend seamlessly into the Lightning Experience. Cloud Builders offers fast expert-level Lightning Component Development.!

Upgrading From Classic Salesforce to Lightning

The new Salesforce Lightning Experience (LEx) User Interface offers existing Salesforce customers a host of new features to help them drive their businesses. Cloud Builders are Lightning design experts who can help you get the most out of the Lightning Experience. Salesforce has made switching and toggling between LEx and "Classic Salesforce" easy, but switching, if done properly, requires an experienced hand to assist you in your transition. When switching you need the following: 

Audit of Salesforce Classic Configuration and Customizations 

An audit of your existing functionality and customizations is paramount. There are things you have in Classic that may not work in Salesforce Lightning. Additionally, there may be things you wanted to build in Classic Salesforce that you couldn't, but can now in Salesforce Lightning.   Customizations using Visual Force need to be evaluated in consideration of re-tooling them as Lightning Components. Visual Force pages will work in LEx, but they will not have the new UI. If the pages are customer-facing, they may need to be converted to Lightning components using the Salesforce Lightning Design System - a repository of html and css (SLDS) that seamlessly integrates custom pages into the new "look and feel".The deliverable of the audit is a Transition Plan to take your organization from Salesforce Classic to the new Lightning Experience, make sure your existing customizations work and enact enhancements to better support your business based on the features and functionality afforded by the Lightning Experience. 

Transition Plan 

A transition plan includes work that needs to be done to support all existing configuration and customizations in the Lightning Experience, any enhancements you elect to do based on the Audit, and training your managers/trainers on how to use the new system. From our experience customers' employees generally adopt Lightning very quickly, but they need training to empower them on new features and functionality that can help propel your organization.

AppExchange Development

We Build AppExchange Products

Does your business need to integrate with Salesforce? Getting your product on the AppExchange is a great way to gain exposure to the entire Salesforce community. Whether you need full service AppExchange product development or simply help with the process, we are experienced AppExchange publishers ourself.

Full Service

Cloud Builders can take your AppExchange product concept, built it out in its entirety, submit it for the AppExchange security review and publish it for you. We can even manage all the branding, documentation, etc. This is quoted on a project basis. Salesforce publishing fees for paid apps are $2500 and free apps are published for free.


Creating your own app? No problem. We can review it for you and make sure your data model is correct and that what you've built will pass the security review, and we can give you some general guidance. If you need our help, we're glad to lend a hand as little or as much as you need it.

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